The smarter E Europe is about to begin, with VREMT ‘s products making a dazzling debut


The smarter E Europe one of the world’s largest and most influential professional exhibitions for the photovoltaic and energy storage industries, will take place from June 19-21 at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre in Germany. At the event, VREMT, a globalized new energy technology company, will make a dazzling debut showcasing its energy storage and charging product portfolio under the theme “Extreme Safety, Extreme Happiness”. This not only marks VREMT ‘s first official appearance at an overseas energy storage exhibition but is also a crucial step in accelerating its global expansion.
The Intersolar Europe has become a core platform for international exchange in the energy storage field, gathering world-renowned enterprises from the industry. As a subsidiary of Geely Holding Group.
With the growing global demand for clean energy, the residential energy storage market is rapidly emerging. Data shows that in 2023, the global residential energy storage market reached approximately 12GWh, an increase of 59% year-on-year, with Germany accounting for 34%, making it the largest single market worldwide. The global residential energy storage market is expected to grow at an annual rate exceeding 15%. At the same time, user demand for convenience and safety is also increasing.
Based on a profound understanding of the European market, VREMT will showcase its newly upgraded all-in-one and split residential energy storage products and home energy solutions at the exhibition. This comprehensively demonstrates the company’s forward-looking planning and technological innovation capabilities in the energy storage and charging fields, bringing safer, more efficient, and more convenient product experiences to European users.
Among the highlights, VREMT will showcase its all-new G3AIO integrated residential energy storage system. This system integrates solar inverters, EV DC chargers, battery PCS, battery packs, and EMS into one unit, adopting a 5-in-1 fully integrated design that significantly reduces the footprint. The product features a 5/7kWh high-voltage battery module, supports unlimited cycling, and can be flexibly expanded. Additionally, it has a 100% depth of discharge (DOD) design and a 10-year warranty. Apart from the battery module, there are also single and three-phase inverter models available, with a maximum output power of up to 25kW.
These energy storage products have achieved industry-leading levels in terms of active and passive safety, lifespan, charging/discharging efficiency, they are designed to automotive standards, including automotive-grade batteries, structures, and electrical safety protection, as well as built-in fire extinguishing systems, fully embodying the “Extreme Safety, Extreme Happiness” philosophy. These products will be available on the market by the end of 2024.
Furthermore, VREMT will also showcase its home energy ecosystem solution, which utilizes advanced technologies to enable efficient monitoring, management, and optimization of residential energy usage, and features alert functions to assist users in safely and stably using home energy.
In fact, VREMT ‘s energy storage products have been widely recognized globally, winning prestigious awards such as the French Double Faced Angel International Design Award and the American IDA Design Award, fully demonstrating its world-class product strength and competitiveness.
In the future, VREMT will take a global perspective to provide safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly smart energy solutions to users worldwide, contributing more to the sustainable development of energy.

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